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Craig Teetsel
Craig M. Teetsel, CPA, CGMA
260-399-7700, ext 6511

Mary Haft
Mary C. Haft
Director of Business Office Operations
260-339-7700, ext 6504

Glenda Kroger
Glenda Kroger
Purchasing Manager
260-399-7700, ext 6505

Ashley Roby
Ashley Roby
Assistant Director of Business Office Operations
260-399-7700, ext 6503

Amanda Ogden
Amanda Ogden
Customer Service Representative
260-399-7700, ext 6500

Heidi Oliver
Heidi Oliver
Accounts Payable Clerk
260-399-7700, ext 6506

Laurie Goff
Laurie Goff
Assistant Controller
260-399-7700, ext 6514

Susan Norton
Susan Norton
Staff Accountant
260-399-7700, ext 6502

Heather Pieper
260-399-7700 ext 6512

Callie M. Brooke
Student Account Specialist
260-399-7700, ext 6513